White Blood Cells N' Sh*t

White Blood Cells N' Sh*t

With so much drama with WBC's, it's kinda hard being T-D-O double G

But I, somehow some way keep my immune system going like every single day. 

May I, kick a little something for the patients (yeah)

And complain about chemo as I breeze through...

9 in the morning and my chemo ain't startin so I get sent home...

I got nurses in the exam room poking my arm, and they ain't leavin till 10 in the morn

So what ya gonna do sheeeeit

I got a patch of Neulasta and my homegirls do too

So turn off the lights and close the door

But (but what?) WE DON'T LOVE CHEMO

So we gon drink turmeric to this 

Fatigue up, counts down while you mother**ckers bounce to this. 

So this is pretty much how I feel. We went in for chemo last Thursday. When I tell you that I have a solid pre-chemo routine that starts the week of, I ain't lyin. It is like preparing for the Hunger Games and an Ironman at the same damn time. By now, I have my Katniss Everdeen type shit on lock. So imagine my dismay, when I get to the doctor, and they tell me "just kidding, you can go home now." Counts low again. Cool. So all of that prep I feel like was for nothing. The frustrating part is the why. Why is my bone marrow just a real asshole? 

The answer is I don't know. I thought maybe it had something to do with being vegetarian, and aspiring vegan. The doctors say no. I disagree. That's another post. Don't get me wrong, love my medical team. They are so amazing. Smart. Everything. But I can't help but think diet plays a role. I am in the camp that diet plays a role in just about every single thing that happens to you. 

Anyways, we will now move to a Neulasta patch. This will give my bone marrow a little assistance in generating White Blood Cells, since clearly, my bone marrow is being a little stubborn. More to come on those fun side effects. My CC (Cancer Crew) has told me this is pretty common, and side effects include intense bone pain. So, needless to say, I am psyched for this. 

Overall, my journey has been pretty drama free. Many have this so much worse, and I know this. However, I am allowed some wallow time. And if that wallowing includes me writing rap lyrics about my chemo journey, then so be it. 

Key takeaway- Snoop Dogg and I should get in the studio soon. 






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