MRI's & Drake

MRI's & Drake

When you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, typically one of the first things the doctor will do is ask you to get an MRI of the breasts so that they can further see what they are dealing with. The MRI Images just provide better pictures. You are injected with a contrast solution that then highlights the affected areas and just gives more confirmation to your Mammogram and Ultrasound. 

In 35 years of life I have never had an MRI, but I have seen the machine, and the radioactive symbols that the area is littered with. The sound the machine makes also sounds like a busy NY street with construction times 10000. Needless to say, I was psyched to check that shit off my bucket list. 

I was asked to put a gown on. Standard. I live in hospital gowns these days. I was then walked into a very cold, dark office area where I was greeted by Jamal. Jamal, you may never read this, but if you somehow do -- you were integral in getting me through my first MRI. 

Jamal explains to me that this is going to take 20 minutes of me lying face down and not moving whatsoever. (That's perverse). 

He explains the noise and that it gets really loud, and that there's nothing to worry about. Famous last words. 

Jamal then asked me what music I want to listen to while I am getting the MRI.

I immediately blurt out "Have you heard that new Drake?" 

In which Jamal says "Oh definitely. God's Plan. You want God's Plan?" 

Um, duh. 

For the next 20 minutes I would be listening to Drake while receiving my MRI. Every few minutes, Jamal would interrupt and his voice would come into my headphones to check in. He also reminded me that Drake hasn't dropped his new full album yet. 

I know, Jamal. I know. 

All in all, my first MRI was definitely tolerable. If you have to get one, things to note:

Definitely listen to music

Try not to think about the tight quarters

Use the bathroom before


The noise is definitely loud. Like really loud. I still have all of my limbs, so you will be ok. 

Shout out to Jamal at Lenox Hill Radiology. 

Just One of Them Days....

Just One of Them Days....

What's the 411?

What's the 411?